Human Made

September 26, 2023
Posted by
Julie Guirl

Once upon a time, in the wonderfully weird heart of Austin, Texas, where conversations make detours into surreal realms quicker than you can say "keep Austin weird," our story unfolds. In a town known for its fusion of technology and art, it was only a matter of time before AI crashed the party.

So, there we were, sipping on our artisanal, ethically sourced, ice cream-themed lattes, wondering about the fate of human-made art in an increasingly AI-dominated world. With our minds running on overdrive during a July heatwave, we embarked on a quest to solve this unique 21st-century problem ourselves: How can we authenticate human-made art vs. AI-made art? Check out a few of our solutions below:

The Signature Smooch: what if artists could create a signature compound lipstick that is unique to them? Adding another layer to the creative signature.
The Camel Puzzle Test: Similar to the classic "select all pictures with a stoplight" challenge, this Test involves sending a tangible puzzle to the artist. This physical puzzle becomes a unique means for artists to authenticate their humanity.
The Biometric Screening: what if we mailed the artists a screening test that requires blood samples and artists signatures (ideally written in blood)?
The Dog Sniffer: these canines of the future can sniff out human-made art vs. robotic art.
The Smelly Object Test: As the name suggests, this test involves sending a mysterious box containing an object with an unmistakable and distinctive odor. Artists participating in the test are tasked with identifying the source of the scent, which could range from shrimp cocktails to more peculiar choices like a deceased skunk or the scent of gasoline.

Our mission? To assemble a time-capsule, Ramble-bound and brimming with these "clever" solutions. Sealed within the digital sands of time.

Open me in 2023.

As we anticipate our appointment with destiny, one thing remains crystal clear: in the realm where AI and art collide, the line separating genius from absurdity is as thin as a pixel on a canvas. Dive into these articles and hilarious video links, for it's in this fusion of knowledge and humor that we are finding the essence of *human* curiosity and creativity.

The A.I. Mona Lisa - Unilad

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AI Art Freaks Me Out - A hilarious journey by Rebecca Jennings, who attempts to create a Wes Anderson-inspired Lord of the Rings.

Pseudomnesia - A portfolio link to Boris Eldagsen's work, featuring his famous 'The Electrician,' which caused controversy among the photography world.

Rothko vs. Robot - You Decide.

Can AI images Expand Your Mind? - A deeper look into the deep fake of a pope in a puffer coat.

Harry Potter Balenciaga - a link to our favorite version of HP.

Other AI Artists we have a crush on: Memo Akten, Anna Ridler, Scott Eaton